Why Poland

Poland is a country of friendly people, considered one of the 10 safest in the world. Country with a rich history full of struggles for freedom, rebellions and uprisings for independence, country of prominent personalities of politics – such as Lech Walesa, science – such as Nicolaus Copernicus, music – such as Chopin or religion – such as Pope John Paul II.


About Poland is a company created by enthusiasts and professionals of the tourism industry and business tourism.

Unique landmarks

A country full of unique landmarks – medieval castles that are hidden in forests and among white limestone cliffs also palaces, fortresses, baroque churches, as well as unique historical mine-museums – gold, silver, salt (the most famous is Wieliczka).

Modern country

Rapidly growing business with many oportunities, but also having an excellent base of congress objects, conference and hotel facilities – both historical (hotels in medieval castles) and many modern chain hotels with a high standard. Poland’s natural environment makes active rest and recreation possible at any time of the year. In many regions of Poland there are natural sites pre-served in their primeval state rarely encountered in other parts of Europe. The most important way of describing Polish nature is accessibility. There are 23 national parks, 120 landscape parks and these unrivalled settings offer many kinds of active and green incentive activities.

We guarantee nobody will leave Poland disappointed.