region located in the north east Poland. A beauty of the post-glacial landscape with abundance of hills, streams, rivers and lakes has been appreciated in a competition for New 7 Wonders. Mazury are now among 14 most beautiful regions of the world. Tourist resources of the region are mainly the lakes connected by numerous channels, which enable journeys via water trails in kayaks, yachts or motorboats. Great wild forests and hundreds of architectural monuments create an incredible character of this land.

In the region you can travel not only on the land or on water, you can also move by the narrow-rail train. It is a great and interesting way to see the charms of the area.

You can relax during the kayak rafting on the Krutynia River. Rafting through thick and green forests will enable to explore a number of beautiful lakes that are connected by this river. On one of them you can see incredible "floating" islands. A number of attractions including a glider flight, shooting at a rifle-range or off road adventure provides unforgettable experiences. We can provide bicycle trip along the Masurian canal, a photo-safari,birdwatching, fire-walking, meeting the bisons balloon flight at sunset over Masurian lakes and..